ASMR: One of the strangest phenomenons to hit Youtube

So, a couple of months ago, I was having trouble falling asleep at night, so after a bunch of frustrated attempts to sleep, I did what any 21st century geek would do: I turned on my computer and Googled something that had to do with sleep. And that was how I came across a video of a woman on Youtube … Read More

duaneASMR: One of the strangest phenomenons to hit Youtube

Hate crimes that seem to sneak in under the radar

We all know there are some hateful people out there. We see the evidence in the news each and every day. What often escapes us is the fact that a lot of this stuff is happening around us, or in places we’d least expect it. Take Thunder Bay, Ontario for an example. You may wonder why I’m discussing Thunder Bay, … Read More

duaneHate crimes that seem to sneak in under the radar

The Problem With National Intelligence and Classified Information

One of my pet peeves has been the concept of classified information. It’s commonly used as a gatekeeper to give some people access to information and keep others away from it. When people talk about it and think about it, it’s often considered of significant importance that this information is kept classified and away from other people who don’t have … Read More

duaneThe Problem With National Intelligence and Classified Information

Solving the School “Costs” Problem

Recently, President Obama push forward the idea of making community colleges “free” to students. This, supposedly, will give downtrodden students an opportunity to get an education and improve their lot in life. A nice thought. A nice idea. But again, it does too little and in the wrong place. First off, I think it’s great that our president is talking … Read More

duaneSolving the School “Costs” Problem

Some updates and current projects

Well, the first semester at the new college in Texas is finally coming to a close, and let’s just say that things haven’t been all that great, but at the same time, I’m still here, and hopefully things will start to improve a bit. It’s honestly a struggle to teach at a college/university where students aren’t all that interested in … Read More

duaneSome updates and current projects

The concept of forced church attendance

Some years ago, back when I was in the Army, I remember being forced to attend a religious gathering that they forced all soldiers to attend (on your weekend day off, which meant either attend the religious social function or you would be required to do hard labor duty on post instead). Needless to say, there were few soldiers who … Read More

duaneThe concept of forced church attendance

If you have no voice, does democracy really matter?

One of the paradigms of democracy is the idealism that goes along with that institution, specifically that when everyone has the opportunity to vote it somehow translates to a freer society. We know this isn’t really the truth, which can be provided with evidence from Ukraine, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and practically every other dictatorship that requires mandatory voting in … Read More

duaneIf you have no voice, does democracy really matter?

Does pronunciation equal intelligence?

I don’t usually go to Wheel of Fortune to get inspiration, but a very unusual circumstance occurred during a recent episode where a contestant had the words “Mythological Hero Achilles” on the board and only had to read it to win. He pronounced Achilles as “A-CHILL-ees” and was pronounced by Sajak to be incorrect. Wheel of Fortune later stated that “When … Read More

duaneDoes pronunciation equal intelligence?

My Thesis Proposal I Never Turned In

My thesis was on the 1991 August Coup in the Soviet Union. Here’s the thesis proposal I wanted to go with, but am certainly glad I didn’t choose: Abstract Okay, there was this big revolt in the Soviet Union. You know that place that became Russia? Well, it used to be the Soviet Union. And they were kind of communist. … Read More

duaneMy Thesis Proposal I Never Turned In

The Underlying Problem of Giving Them the Pickle

Just recently, I was working for a health care organization that seemed to be having some difficulty in customer service. As a result, the higher-ups thought it would be really beneficial if the education department (of which I was a part) took up the task of teaching customer service to the front line employees, specifically the people who engage patients … Read More

duaneThe Underlying Problem of Giving Them the Pickle