It’s not really charity if you want credit for your giving

Years ago, I used to work for a hotel that loved good publicity. It would volunteer for neighborhood “giving” things, and then recruits its employees to provide the ground work for what needed to happen. And then it would release a big press release about how much that hotel was doing for the community. One of the employee “perks” of … Read More

duaneIt’s not really charity if you want credit for your giving

Sometimes, it seems like the whole world just wants to fight with itself

I found out today that Michigan decided to tell women to go screw themselves when it comes to rape. Basically, women used to be able to get abortions if they were raped. Now, they can’t, unless they thought ahead and bought rape insurance. Yep, I said that correctly. They have to buy rape insurance. I have all sorts of snide … Read More

duaneSometimes, it seems like the whole world just wants to fight with itself

On to new projects

Last night, I finished the last touches of The Teddy Bear Conspiracy, and it’s now on sale on Kindle and will be on sale in paperback in the next few days (had one more run through the edit check and had to fix a couple of things before I could let it go one more time). Either way, the book … Read More

duaneOn to new projects

Why I Never Quit Writing

There’s an interesting post from Konrath’s site, in which he explains why he never quit writing. Basically, years ago, he was making about 25k a year from writing and felt it wasn’t enough, and now he’s making a ton of money from writing, but felt that if you can’t hack the writing challenges, you might be better off just quitting. … Read More

duaneWhy I Never Quit Writing

What I Talk About When I Talk About Drinking

During the late 1980s, going into the 1990s, I was in the U.S. Army, and all things considered, I probably had somewhat of a drinking problem. This was the latter part of the era of drinking before people started getting serious about the ramifications of the problem, meaning that we started enforcing drunk driving laws (unlike the past where we … Read More

duaneWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Drinking

Things About Diabetes They Don’t Talk About

I apologize for taking a detour on a site where I normally talk about writing, self-publishing, computer games and all things stuffed animals, but recently, I’ve been going through a bit of a struggle with my health, and it finally hit me hard enough that I thought I would dedicate a little space and talk about it. First off, I’ve … Read More

duaneThings About Diabetes They Don’t Talk About

Father’s Day is just another day

I’m one of those people who isn’t a real fan of holidays, especially specifically themed ones, like Valentine’s Day, which for someone who has been single his whole life and usually not dating, it’s not the greatest day ever. The other day is the one that’s right around the corner: Father’s Day. I was listening to the local radio station … Read More

duaneFather’s Day is just another day

Yet another job slips through my fingers

I applied for a job where I currently work. I was totally qualified for it, and I would have done a great job with it. Made it to the second interview. And the interview went great. The next week, I was informed that I was “second” in the running, so the job went to someone else. I can’t tell you … Read More

duaneYet another job slips through my fingers

Am I Wasting My Time With This Blog (does anyone even read it)?

For some time now, I’ve been wondering how many people actually read my blog, if any. I mean, I know a few people read it, and those are mainly my close friends. But other than a half dozen, I’m not sure what I’m doing here really equates to a useful use of my time. Considering I’ve been doing this blog … Read More

duaneAm I Wasting My Time With This Blog (does anyone even read it)?

Struggling to Find a Purpose

Well, after the whole losing a crown on my tooth thing and the identity theft incident, I’m now back at work and moving forward into another day. It sucks that there are thieves out there who will steal you blind (just because they can), and it sucks that random health concerns can really mess with your day. But really, what … Read More

duaneStruggling to Find a Purpose