The Complexities of Government in the 21st Century

I know this is going to sound a bit strange, but I got the idea for this post from watching a really low quality science fiction tv series imported from the BBC. The show is called Survivors (not Survivor as in the really stupid reality TV show about tribes on an island). The premise is that some kind of virus … Read More

duaneThe Complexities of Government in the 21st Century

Villifying Debate

I was taking a required “Crucial Confrontations” course today at work. I find these exercises really funny because they’re designed to “help” you deal with confrontations at work but automatically make an erroneous supposition that everyone who has a job also has negative confrontations at work. Then it gets worse because they assume that you’re constantly at odds with people … Read More

duaneVillifying Debate

The Difficulties of Pursuing Peace in the 21st Century

Unfortunately, the news is not good. It rarely is. You would think that after the Cold War ended that the world was in line for peace and prosperity. So why are there still so many people killing each other all over the world? Why hasn’t peace broken out in the Middle East? Why are people still running around the streets … Read More

duaneThe Difficulties of Pursuing Peace in the 21st Century

Do Superpowers Recognize When They’re Losing Their Significance?

I’ve often wondered what it must have been like to be a citizen of France at the end of the first World War when it can be argued that the French Empire was finally no longer the superpower they once were. Almost overnight, the German war machine built itself up and rolled right over the forces of France, forever destroying … Read More

duaneDo Superpowers Recognize When They’re Losing Their Significance?

Is Ownership an Illusion?

Every now and then, a new article on Second Life will pop up, and people will start arguing about whether or not intellectual “property” is, in fact, property. What the argument means is that there are people who own virtual land in games, and they argue that they “own” that land in the real world. Linden Lab, the company that … Read More

duaneIs Ownership an Illusion?

Reflections on Life in General

I spent a few hours this weekend paying bills. You know, the usual, where you sit down with your check book and write out checks for all of the bills that have been building up over the last few weeks. The kind that build up not because you can’t afford to pay them, but just because you don’t want to … Read More

duaneReflections on Life in General

The Problem for the Future Might Not Just Be the Government

As an advocate of free speech and very (extremely) limited government, I’m often talking about the problem of government control and its intrusive nature. For those like me, we’re often seeing the future as a variation of “1984” and fear the process of new-speak and Big Brother. But one thing that has emerged over the latter part of the 20th … Read More

duaneThe Problem for the Future Might Not Just Be the Government

News Round Up

Just thought I would take a few moments and comment on some of the important news stories that seem to be in the news lately: The Oil Spill: See here.  My initial comment is that this is one of those stories where I so much want to point fingers and laugh because I have been against drilling for oil on … Read More

duaneNews Round Up

Terrorists Win! War is over….

For the last better part of a decade, the United States has been fighting a “war on terror” and this has involved sending a large contingence of US soldiers to Afghanistan, and even though there were no terrorists in Iraq, it’s been used as a continuous justification for the continued presence of US troops in that country. Since the start … Read More

duaneTerrorists Win! War is over….

The Inalieable Right to Power

I may be strange, but every now and then I’ll sit back and think to myself, “what must have been going through Charlemagne’s head when he convinced himself that it was appropriate for him to chase Guntram across Europe, destroying his cities until he finally managed to wipe him out and claim his lands as conquered.” What sort of gall … Read More

duaneThe Inalieable Right to Power