Facebook Is Lawsuit Happy & Trying to Rule the World

It’s only a matter of time before Facebook turns around and says that everyone must stop using the word “.com” in their titles, because Facebook uses it and Facebook is much bigger than they are. It’s not that much different than forcing people to not use the word “book”. Think about it because soon that may be all you can do.

duaneFacebook Is Lawsuit Happy & Trying to Rule the World

What Really Bothers Me About Facebook

Surprisingly, privacy is not one of the things that actually bothers me about Facebook. Sure, it concerns me at times, but I understand Facebook is a business that really wants to make money. That people, including me, are stupid enough to give them all of the information to profit of our identities should really be the concern of those “concerned” … Read More

duaneWhat Really Bothers Me About Facebook

When a Gaming Company Jumps the Shark

Years ago, I used to be a seriously addicted Ultima Online fan. I played it every day. I became a counselor in the game, which meant I officially worked for EA as one of the in-game special operators who helped other people who were having problems in the game. I ran community events that were quite popular. I mean, I … Read More

duaneWhen a Gaming Company Jumps the Shark

Why Facebook Isn’t Blinking

There’s been a lot of recent talk lately about how Facebook has gone over the line concerning privacy. This talk has devolved (or evolved) into a lot of conversation about deleting Facebook accounts. May 31st is even supposed to be an “official” date to delete your Facebook account, if that’s your perogative. Yet, for some reason, Facebook doesn’t seem to … Read More

duaneWhy Facebook Isn’t Blinking