Exploring the Ipad 2 & the desire to own every new piece of technology

I finally broke down and bought an Ipad 2. I had bought a Motorola Xoom some months ago, and I had been very disappointed in that product, mainly because it has turned into a glorified doorstop. I’m often the victim of techno hype, in that too many reviewers acted like it was the great alternative to the ipad, but then … Read More

duaneExploring the Ipad 2 & the desire to own every new piece of technology

Cell Phones and Cancer

It turns out that there may be a link between cell phones and cancer after all. About a decade ago, there was a lot of talk about the potential for cancer being caused by using cell phones, but as we’re apt to do in a capitalist society, we ignored it and trusted the companies that make products to tell us … Read More

duaneCell Phones and Cancer

Make Coupons Optional Plz!

I shop at Meijer’s stores for groceries. I really like it. It’s one of those grocery stores that have pretty much everything you need, and I’ve been happy with it. Unlike most supermarkets in California, this one actually sells everything. And I’ve learned to like it. What I haven’t learned to like is how they want to force coupons on … Read More

duaneMake Coupons Optional Plz!

Drowning in Misleading Information About Technology

About six months ago, I decided to give up my iPhone for an Android phone. I’ve never been a real fan of Apple, the company, although I have somewhat been on the sidelines for Apple, the technology. The iPhone was definitely one of their best products ever, and I bought one when they first emerged. Then I upgraded to the … Read More

duaneDrowning in Misleading Information About Technology