Make Coupons Optional Plz!

I shop at Meijer’s stores for groceries. I really like it. It’s one of those grocery stores that have pretty much everything you need, and I’ve been happy with it. Unlike most supermarkets in California, this one actually sells everything. And I’ve learned to like it. What I haven’t learned to like is how they want to force coupons on … Read More

duaneMake Coupons Optional Plz!

Drowning in Misleading Information About Technology

About six months ago, I decided to give up my iPhone for an Android phone. I’ve never been a real fan of Apple, the company, although I have somewhat been on the sidelines for Apple, the technology. The iPhone was definitely one of their best products ever, and I bought one when they first emerged. Then I upgraded to the … Read More

duaneDrowning in Misleading Information About Technology