TV Critics Still Don’t “Get” LOST

There was another article today on LOST on, right here. Basically, the reviewer has a decent review of the ending of LOST, and then has to go full retard and start talking about how other “thinking” shows aren’t wanted by audiences, noting the failures of “familiar” shows like Heroes and FlashForward. No, the problem with those shows were not … Read More

duaneTV Critics Still Don’t “Get” LOST

The Inevitable Process of Editing Old Stories

One of my failings as a writer is I tend to avoid rewriting old stuff. Instead of going back and fixing a lot of my earlier work, I just chalk it up to a learning experience and then write something new. As a result, I have about 150 short stories, 12 novels, and a whole bunch of other writings, including … Read More

duaneThe Inevitable Process of Editing Old Stories

Thoughts on Movie “2012” and the Concept of Bad Writing

I finally got a chance to watch the movie 2012 over the weekend, and it served to remind me that no matter how much money you put into a production, how great the actors are, and how big the premise, bad writing will continuously destroy a movie no matter how much other effort is put into the film. 2012 is … Read More

duaneThoughts on Movie “2012” and the Concept of Bad Writing

Friday’s Stickman

Had a bit of a problem scanning this one, so hoping this feeds in correctly as two files.

duaneFriday’s Stickman

Thursday’s Stickman

Here’s the latest Stickman. If anyone’s reading this, let me know because it seems like no one seems to be reading it. Let me know, please. Anyway, here it is:

duaneThursday’s Stickman

Tuesday’s Stickman

Of course, don’t forget you can always access the main Stickman site at

duaneTuesday’s Stickman

Stickman Returns!

The new Adventures of Stickman and the Unemployed Legospaceman have continued. Here’s the latest offering:

duaneStickman Returns!

The First Rule of Teaching and Writing: Have a Lesson or a Story to Tell

Years ago, when I was 7 years old, I used to belong to the Santa Monica Boys’ Club, which used to sponsor all sorts of educational junkets. It was the place where I first joined a football team, a choir, a field hockey league, and all sorts of other activities. So, one day, I was signed up to join an … Read More

duaneThe First Rule of Teaching and Writing: Have a Lesson or a Story to Tell