The Realm of Reagul

The Realm of Reagul  One of the longest projects I’ve ever worked on has been a world-building one called Reagul. I originally conceived of the land of Reagul in a computer game I designed back in the early days of computer games. It was called Prisoner of Z’anth, which involved an American soldier during the Vietnam War who comes across … Read More

duaneThe Realm of Reagul

Final day for giveaway for The Teddy Bear Conspiracy–goes on sale tomorrow

My book The Teddy Bear Conspiracy is in its final day of its giveaway contest on Goodreads.   Goodreads Book Giveaway The Teddy Bear Conspiracy by Duane Gundrum Giveaway ends December 09, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win The book goes on sale everywhere starting tomorrow.

duaneFinal day for giveaway for The Teddy Bear Conspiracy–goes on sale tomorrow

The Countdown to Being Solo Is Around the Corner

I think I mentioned that I decided to quit my job a few weeks ago. I put in my notice, and I have a little over two weeks left. A couple of days, I almost quit on the same day I was working, but I’ve perservered, and my last date of work will be December 24th, Christmas Eve. There’s no … Read More

duaneThe Countdown to Being Solo Is Around the Corner

Becoming a full time writer

Honestly, I never thought the day would come, and to be even more honest, it’s probably not the right time either. But my job hit a point where I realized I couldn’t keep working it any longer. So, on December 24th, the day before Christmas, I will be unemployed. The job market is horrid these days, which means I don’t … Read More

duaneBecoming a full time writer

Addicted to my computer

Over the weekend, I had a bit of a problem. My hard drive failed. But if you would have interacted with me, you probably would have thought my own heart had stopped instead. I was basically devasted and not sure what to do. This is coming from a former computer technician who has probably fixed and replaced more hard drives … Read More

duaneAddicted to my computer

Taking Umbrage With the N-Word

There’s an interesting article on Salon this morning from Mary Elizabeth Williams on how white people shouldn’t use the N-word under any circumstance.  Ignoring for a moment that most of MEW’s articles tend to be reactionary and designed to cause people to get upset over mundane things that they wouldn’t normally pay much attention to, the points she brings up … Read More

duaneTaking Umbrage With the N-Word

Why I Never Quit Writing

There’s an interesting post from Konrath’s site, in which he explains why he never quit writing. Basically, years ago, he was making about 25k a year from writing and felt it wasn’t enough, and now he’s making a ton of money from writing, but felt that if you can’t hack the writing challenges, you might be better off just quitting. … Read More

duaneWhy I Never Quit Writing

The Teddy Bear Conspiracy giveaway and other little news….

My novel, The Teddy Bear Conspiracy, which is going to be released in December, is available for free as a contest giveaway on Goodreads. To enter, go here.           Destiny, my science fiction/fantasy novel, which takes place mostly on the planet Reagul (which might be recognized from the upcoming series The Tales of Reagul, which will … Read More

duaneThe Teddy Bear Conspiracy giveaway and other little news….

What I Talk About When I Talk About Drinking

During the late 1980s, going into the 1990s, I was in the U.S. Army, and all things considered, I probably had somewhat of a drinking problem. This was the latter part of the era of drinking before people started getting serious about the ramifications of the problem, meaning that we started enforcing drunk driving laws (unlike the past where we … Read More

duaneWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Drinking