Amazon’s Business Practices Discriminate Against the “Out of Money” Class

Often, us poor people have to live in places like this, such as my Summer resort, where cable isn't fee!

Often, us poor people have to live in places like this, such as my Summer retreat, where cable isn’t fee!

Today, I was thinking of buying a book that I don’t really need, but for some reason felt I had to have it right then and there. So, I went onto Amazon’s site, put in the information for the book and found out that I could purchase it used for $7.54. I went through the full process of buying, but when it came to the last stage (well, the stage before I give my address to send it to), I was halted by a statement indicating that my credit card could not process the transaction. So I immediately checked my checking account and discovered that my balance was 32 cents. So I then went back to Amazon, realizing that my bank had no more funds in my account and tried to figure out how they could accommodate me.

It turns out that Amazon has no contingency plan for those who do not have enough money to afford their products. In other words, I was proverbially screwed.

This immediately inflamed me because all companies should have resources in place to assist those of us who are “financially challenged”, which, according to an Internet search I just did that brought up lots of lesbian pornography, I discovered that the financially challenged are quite often the most overlooked disenfranchised class of people in American society. It’s almost as if businesses think that people need to “work” for the things they wish to buy and aren’t too proud to not say so.

So, I contacted several loser friends of mine to inquire whether or not they have ever been discriminated like this before, and four of those five friends indicated they had (the fifth could not answer as he was suffering from a severe case of “Cheetos-overimbibing”). I was shocked to discover this was not just an isolated incident.

This has inflamed me to no end, and I decided that I would send out the word to everyone that these practices must be stopped immediately, or we would use our financial clout in massive protest and show them that without our inability to pay for goods backing up their company, they’d…um…um, you know maybe I haven’t thought this through enough.

Let me get back to you, and when I do, boy am I going to have something for you to rally behind!

duaneAmazon’s Business Practices Discriminate Against the “Out of Money” Class

2 Comments on “Amazon’s Business Practices Discriminate Against the “Out of Money” Class”

  1. Emily

    Yeah…I don’t get why they don’t give me stuff for free. They really should. Especially books, since from what I’ve seen, authors don’t really make a lick when they sell books on Amazon. So – shoot…the middle man is definitely a problem here.

    And I want free stuff, too

    1. duane

      I totally agree. I don’t even understand how a business can possibly stay in business without giving all of their stuff away for free. It’s like they live in a different world than the one I do.

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