Writing is SO Easy that ANYBODY can do it…apparently

Turns out that reality (not so much of a) star Heidi Montag has announced that she is “writing a movie”. Really? It’s that easy? Does she even know how to read?

This is one of those things that really bugs me about people who don’t write. They seem to believe it’s SO easy. For those of us who are actually writers, it tends to really piss us off that someone who is a celebrity for no real reason other than that she has had too many boob jobs, is convinced that she’s now going to pen a GREAT script for a movie. The incredulous part that stems up is mainly attributed to the very nature of stating she’s “writing a movie”. Who says that? Does she even know there’s a script involved?

Bah, this sort of thing really bugs me. Here’s the article.

duaneWriting is SO Easy that ANYBODY can do it…apparently