Saturating the Market

According to MacRumors, two facts seem to be driving positives and negatives concerning Apple’s Ipad. First, the Ipad seems to be beating all of its competition in this market. And second, the tablet market is drying up quickly. This is one of those revelations that have been predicted for some time to come, but now that it’s upon us, one wonders where we go from here.

You see, back when the Ipad was introduced, the common statement from the complainers was that there was no tablet market, and that Apple was just making a high tech entry into a market that’s never going to come. Well, all of those people were proven wrong as Apple sold a ton of those tablets, and the market opened up for them. Fast forward to about today, and we’re starting to notice that the tablet market has kind of dried itself out.

Most of the people who were ever going to buy one bought one. Apple attempted to do with Ipads what it does with Iphones and get people to upgrade every year, but honestly that hasn’t happened. I know that my very first Ipad, which was the Ipad 2, is still capable of doing anything a current generation of Ipad can do. I did upgrade, however, buying the Ipad Mini, but even that hasn’t evolved into anything all that great. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: I got rid of both Ipads about a year ago, realizing that I wasn’t really using them. Now, I have no need for one, or desire. And I’m one of those Apple fans who buys an Apple product almost as soon as they make them.

Apple’s newest product is the iWatch, or whatever it’s called, and I see zero reason for wanting one of those. Let’s be honest here. Watches are so 1980. I haven’t worn one in over a decade. Putting Apple’s name on one doesn’t lead me to wanting one. So, I’m sitting this one out.

As I’ve done with a lot of recent Apple products. Maybe it’s the whole Steve Jobs thing, where I would buy something he hyped. He’s not around any more, and Tim Cook doesn’t really do anything for me tech-wise, so I’m not really updating anything. I have an Iphone 4, and it does everything I need. They’re currently on iPhone 6. Don’t see anything about it that causes me to jump for joy.

My question is whether or not others feel the same way. In order for Apple to be as powerful as Apple always has been is to make sure that people like me are still buying their stuff. Granted, I still own Apple TV, and I’m watching HBO Now on it, but is that enough? This is a company that made its bread and butter off of overpriced laptops that run an operating system that I can’t stand, so do they have what it takes to keep the company going strong?

Has Apple planned anything for when they have saturated the market, meeting the needs of its usual corps of customers? Is there a 3.0 strategy, or are they going to wither as they did back before Jobs came back to run the company again?

Inquiring minds wanna know.

duaneSaturating the Market

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