My Ongoing Search for a New Game to Play

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Up until recently, I was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, finishing up the last expansion’s final missions to defeat the evil entity known as Revan, who it turns out, wasn’t really Revan, but could have been, and might have been, but (fill in story stuff that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense). Anyway, I finished it, defeated Revan-or someone a lot like him- and then became level 60 (the highest in game), got end an end game experience, and then discovered the game wasn’t over, but I had just finished the new content. So, I was back on the main station then trying to figure out what to do next. I mean, I had saved the galaxy, I had achieved everything, and well, I didn’t know what to do next. So I quit.

Not having anything to do, I picked up where I left off with The Secret World, which is one of those games I’ve learnedsecret world to love to hate. I mean, it has all sorts of things going for it: HP Lovecrat world, horror, zombies, guns and swords, and all that. But what it doesn’t have is a lot of new fun to it. I’ve felt like I’ve done most of what there is to do in that game. Everything new is just the next level of stuff I’ve done before. There are new lands to go to, but I haven’t felt like they’re all that special. The one event they did have that I truly enjoyed was a nonstop situation where huge golems attacked and you had to join with dozens of people and fight a long battle to kill them. That was a once a year thing, and now it’s over. So, it’s back to the grind. So I finally just stopped playing, looking for something new.

Defiance-MMO-WallpaperWhich brought me back to Defiance. Defiance is one of those games that was a lot like the now defunct game of Tabula Rasa, where you basically grab your machine gun, shotgun or whatever, and fight invasions that are sometimes completely out of control. But you pull the trigger and let loose endless streams of bullets. It’s kind of fun. But it’s limited fun, in that it needs a lot of people on at all times, and these battles are sometimes harder to find than you would imagine. When they happen, they’re a blast, but other times, I find myself just staring at the world map (it’s mostly San Francisco, Marin County and Silicon Valley, or what’s left of them after an alien destruction thing happened) and hoping something pops. And quite often, nothing does. So a lot of this game is just me staring at the map, thinking, man I wish something would happen.

Which leaves me looking for another game. Something fun. Something big. Something enjoyable.

All of this stuff completely makes sense, after 4 years of flight school....

All of this stuff completely makes sense, after 4 years of flight school….

I joined Elite: Dangerous, which is a space shooter kind of game, but I have yet to be able to get into it because the learning curve involves actually learning to fly a space craft with the same intensity I imagine someone going to Air Force flight school might have to undergo. I’ve done a couple of the tutorials, but I’m starting to get really frustrated with the game. Other people who play the game seem to love it, but when you can’t seem to get beyond the tutorial, it starts to feel like one of those games that you’re going to put into a drawer and never look at again.

Which, of course, leaves me with the quandary of not knowing what to play next. I’d love to find a shoot em up kind of game like Defiance that has actual people playing it, events that occur whenever I want them to, and seems worth the effort. Games like World of Warcraft are dead to me now, as I’ve played those to death and have no desire to ever wander the roads of Azeroth again. So, I’m not sure what to play next. But it needs to be something because I love playing games.

I guess I’m waiting for Fallout 4 to come out one of these days. I already played Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim and all of that sort of stuff. That leaves me anxious for something new, but not something boring or stupid.

So, what’s next?

duaneMy Ongoing Search for a New Game to Play

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