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I’m not sure how long I’ll keep doing this, but I thought I would start reporting on ASMR videos and their creators as a part of my blog. I know that eventually I would like it to it on my Youtube page, but for now, I thought it might also be interesting to have some text on some of these artists, as I mostly started out as a blogger way back in the day.

For those who haven’t followed some of my earlier ramblings, I’ve been talking about ASMR for some time now. About a year or so ago, I was having trouble sleeping one night, and then I was on Youtube looking for videos to help you sleep. What I came across as a “solution” was this phenomenon known as ASMR.

At the time, it was kind of new, but basically what it consists of is men or women talking softly and offering up “triggers”. These triggers are supposed to stimulate people (not in that way) so that you feel triggered, although that sensation has largely gone not discussed in the whole process completely. What I suspect is that it causes you to feel a sensation of “wow, that was awesome” and each person reacts to different things.

For me, it’s slow whispering and positive affirmations (“You got this!”), and every now and then something called “mike scratching” where the artist basically runs fingers or items against a microphone that is directly linked to the intake volume.

So, what I thought I would do is spend a little time each post talking about specific artists and the whole phenomenon as well. Now, a lot of people are becoming a lot more familiar with this activity these days because it’s becoming more and more popular. Famous people, like Gal Godot and Cardi B have done their variations of ASMR (because it was becoming popular and famous people like to be seen doing relevant things…still waiting for Kim Kardashian to do her own ASMR video). But there are some very talented artists out there doing this activity, so I thought I would point them out to you.

If this isn’t your thing, I assure you that I will be pontificating about politics eventually in another post, so don’t think you have to stop following me because I’ve gone native.

Anyway, like I said, I got my taste of ASMR some years back by watching who for the longest time I considered one of the best ASMR artists out there. I even supported her on Patreon when I first came across her, and I probably would have continued if she would have continued communicating, but one of the problems with people you start to support is that they become big fast, and then they leave their fans behind. But that’s another story.

Her name is Lucy, goes by the name Creative Calm, and she’s an ASMR artist who hails from England. I guess at the time, I was kind of intrigued by the whole English accent thing (still am), and it just made it better. But here’s one of her videos to give you an idea of her talent. One thing that’s interesting with a lot of ASMR artists is that they tend to do a lot of roleplay stuff because after time they end up releasing the exact same content over and over, so roleplay stuff helps them mix up the experience so the journey appears to be different and unique.

Anyway, just thought I’d start by introducing the first ASMR artist I was interested in. I’ll be introducing quite a few more here in the near future.

duaneThe ASMR Report

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  1. Brian Williams

    I, too, believe the British accent has a certain affinity for calm serenity, unless it’s cockney.

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