Gamespot Creates Horrible Article & Then Tries to Hide Its Mistake

The other day, Gamespot wrote a horrible article that made so many mistakes that social media just kind of went nuts. The Quartering, a games’ journalism site run by Jeremy Hambly, made a seriously impacting Youtube screed against Gamespot that deserves its own viewing just to see how much criticism is possible when a news site (Gamespot) has totally screwed up.

Right after posting their article with so much of it being completely wrong and feeling like it was written by someone who picked up his first computer after 2010 with about as much knowledge as that very first day, tons of other Internet reviewers sort of went nuts on Gamespot and their horrible journalism. However, what is really interesting is that Gamespot obviously was aware of the criticism and instead of just posting something like “wow, we messed up. We’ll fix that.”, they decided to take the cloaked route and pretend that it never happened. Instead of a mea culpa, they chose to change the article to be somewhat correct (based on the criticism) and pretend they never did anything wrong.

And still got things wrong, such as referring to the new infrastructure as an “optical hard drive”, an item that just doesn’t exist (a funny aside is that they’re still adjusting this article with the criticism being used against them as even this line has been removed while I was writing this article). If you read the article now, you might notice how short it is and how little information it actually has. That’s because most of the article has been removed due to how badly written it actually was. As a comment-maker stated, “Just remove the stupid article already.”

This is the problem with articles that do such a bad job. Instead of acknowledging that, they don’t want to admit fault and keep trying to get around the fact that they failed so badly. And that just makes them look really stupid.

It’s similar to a game reviewer named Filip Miucin who was reported on by Youtube reviewer Yongyea.

As Yongyea reports, Miucin made a stupid mistake of plagiarizing material numerous times before being caught. Instead of just owning up to the stupidity, he doubled down and basically just figured the controversy would fade away. It didn’t. He tried numerous strategies at getting around his absurd behavior until he just kept disappearing. And then the last time when he reappeared, he just straight out apologized. But it may not be enough because it took him so long to do it. People aren’t all that forgiving when the person being accused shows no remorse.

duaneGamespot Creates Horrible Article & Then Tries to Hide Its Mistake

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