New version of Duane Gundrum released at E3

Today, at E3, the long-awaited sequel to the classic Duane Gundrum, which was released decades ago to world-pleasing acclaim, was announced shortly after the Microsoft announcement of the highly-expected unraveling of the veil covering Xbox Scarlet. The new version of Duane Gundrum, while appearing to critics to be much like the old version of Duane Gundrum, is expected to have … Read More

duaneNew version of Duane Gundrum released at E3

Gamespot Creates Horrible Article & Then Tries to Hide Its Mistake

The other day, Gamespot wrote a horrible article that made so many mistakes that social media just kind of went nuts. The Quartering, a games’ journalism site run by Jeremy Hambly, made a seriously impacting Youtube screed against Gamespot that deserves its own viewing just to see how much criticism is possible when a news site (Gamespot) has totally screwed … Read More

duaneGamespot Creates Horrible Article & Then Tries to Hide Its Mistake

City of Heroes is back…so it seems

The protest is getting out of hand One of the greatest MMOs in history (at least according to my beliefs), City of Heroes, was shut down by NCsoft in November of 2012. It was probably one of the saddest days of MMO history because it was such a wonderful game, regardless of the little nuances that needed to be fixed … Read More

duaneCity of Heroes is back…so it seems

Youtube and Controversies: Political attitudes, conservatism and the struggle with being non-political

For those who don’t actually already know this, my Ph.D work is in political science, and since then I’ve taught political science for years before adding another graduate degree and focusing on communication. However, one thing that always seemed to grate at me was that no matter how hard I tried to be non-political, it was practically impossible. Not for … Read More

duaneYoutube and Controversies: Political attitudes, conservatism and the struggle with being non-political

24 Hour News Has Ruined Us

During the last century, one of the great “innovations” on the horizon was that we would move from a news model that reports twice at night to one of 24 hour, nonstop coverage. This brought about the advent of CNN, which ushered in this new era. Fast-forward to today, and our news is somewhat worthless. Part of the advantage of … Read More

duane24 Hour News Has Ruined Us

Ever Since I Abandoned Facebook

A month or so ago, I indicated my frustration with Facebook and its many, many anti-customer approaches to business (you know, the ones that have been reported in the media where Facebook sees us as their product rather than treats us as if Facebook is the product). At the time, I decided to drop Facebook and see if I could … Read More

duaneEver Since I Abandoned Facebook

The ASMR Report

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep doing this, but I thought I would start reporting on ASMR videos and their creators as a part of my blog. I know that eventually I would like it to it on my Youtube page, but for now, I thought it might also be interesting to have some text on some of these … Read More

duaneThe ASMR Report

What’s Happening With Duane?

So, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated the page, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy. Since the last times I was posting, I found myself getting involved in a lot of things that aren’t exactly blog related, but just seem to be a little more significant to what’s going on with my life right now. … Read More

duaneWhat’s Happening With Duane?