Perfect Storm versus Continuous Apathy

There was an article today in the Salt Lake Tribune that points to its poll that indicates 1 in 5 people in the US right now¬†trust the US government. This is at a major low in this country, but what should really be concerning people is the apathy that exists from several perspectives. First, there’s apathy in government towards the … Read More

duanePerfect Storm versus Continuous Apathy

Did Someone Mention Time Travel?

There’s a photo from a museum in British Columbia that is making the rounds on the Internet that is quite fascinating (if it hasn’t been Photoshopped, that is). It is a photo from the 1940s, and it shows a very unlikely subject in the photograph. You can see him with his cool ray sunglasses and modern haircut, along with the … Read More

duaneDid Someone Mention Time Travel?

Stickman Returns!

The new Adventures of Stickman and the Unemployed Legospaceman have continued. Here’s the latest offering:

duaneStickman Returns!

Kick-Ass definitely delivers

There was a lot of hype coming behind the superhero movie Kick-Ass, about a young kid who decides he wants to be a real-life superhero. This concerned me that maybe the hype might be overdone, but I can honestly say that the movie was well worth the viewing. Unlike a lot of other superhero movies that generally don’t take themselves … Read More

duaneKick-Ass definitely delivers

Ongoing thoughts on Stargate Universe

Okay, I’ll admit that my personal jury is still out on this show. Most of the first part of the season was pretty crappy in my opinion, but I was giving it the benefit of the doubt because I figured they had to build some kind of backstory and character development. But it really felt like it was just treading … Read More

duaneOngoing thoughts on Stargate Universe

The First Rule of Teaching and Writing: Have a Lesson or a Story to Tell

Years ago, when I was 7 years old, I used to belong to the Santa Monica Boys’ Club, which used to sponsor all sorts of educational junkets. It was the place where I first joined a football team, a choir, a field hockey league, and all sorts of other activities. So, one day, I was signed up to join an … Read More

duaneThe First Rule of Teaching and Writing: Have a Lesson or a Story to Tell

The US Government’s Problem with the Census

There was another article today about how the Census is trying to target students to fill out their census cards because of the “need”. Every time there is an article of this nature, there is this commentary on how the census is necessary because without it our areas lose funding for roads, schools and all that. But here’s the problem … Read More

duaneThe US Government’s Problem with the Census

Writing is SO Easy that ANYBODY can do it…apparently

Turns out that reality (not so much of a) star Heidi Montag has announced that she is “writing a movie”. Really? It’s that easy? Does she even know how to read? This is one of those things that really bugs me about people who don’t write. They seem to believe it’s SO easy. For those of us who are actually … Read More

duaneWriting is SO Easy that ANYBODY can do it…apparently

The media still doesn’t understand “nice guys”

Well, instead of asking those “nice guys” where to find a nice guy, look right at them right now. There they are. They’re right in front of you.

duaneThe media still doesn’t understand “nice guys”

Building Worlds as a Part of the Writing Process

The point is that it is not just enough to write about a place and call that a “world”. There is so much more to the process than that.

duaneBuilding Worlds as a Part of the Writing Process