Cheesy Tactics to Get Your Money in Computer Games

I started playing Dragon Age-Origins this weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve played a new game, so I was really excited about it. And it’s a lot of fun. There’s a reason why it has been receiving such rave reviews. But I’ve always been apprehensive about buying games affiliated with Electronic Arts (the game was made by Bioware and … Read More

duaneCheesy Tactics to Get Your Money in Computer Games

DRM Protection is Destroying Computer Gaming

Piracy has become a real problem for those who are into computer gaming, but it’s not just because these people are taking money away from gaming companies, but because those gaming companies are now going out of their way to fight the pirates so hard that they’re making games almost impossible for people to play, even if you’re a legitimate … Read More

duaneDRM Protection is Destroying Computer Gaming

Friday’s Stickman

Had a bit of a problem scanning this one, so hoping this feeds in correctly as two files.

duaneFriday’s Stickman

Terrorists Win! War is over….

For the last better part of a decade, the United States has been fighting a “war on terror” and this has involved sending a large contingence of US soldiers to Afghanistan, and even though there were no terrorists in Iraq, it’s been used as a continuous justification for the continued presence of US troops in that country. Since the start … Read More

duaneTerrorists Win! War is over….

Thursday’s Stickman

Here’s the latest Stickman. If anyone’s reading this, let me know because it seems like no one seems to be reading it. Let me know, please. Anyway, here it is:

duaneThursday’s Stickman

Is there life after Facebook?

The Internet is all ga-ga (not Lady Gaga) over the fact that Facebook is getting ready to make another announcement today. The crazies on (the fans, not the reporters) are now getting into a huge argument over what the announcement is, but not surprisingly the biggest parts of that thread cover two areas: 1. Should Facebook create a “dislike” … Read More

duaneIs there life after Facebook?

The Inalieable Right to Power

I may be strange, but every now and then I’ll sit back and think to myself, “what must have been going through Charlemagne’s head when he convinced himself that it was appropriate for him to chase Guntram across Europe, destroying his cities until he finally managed to wipe him out and claim his lands as conquered.” What sort of gall … Read More

duaneThe Inalieable Right to Power

Women Are Causing Problems Again!

(FYI: This article is satire, so if you read it, please understand that it’s not meant to be taken seriously. For some reason WAY too many people have responded to this article as if it’s actually a criticism against women. Most people get the point of this post as a post-modernist criticism against Iranian patriarchal policies, but unfortunately not everyone … Read More

duaneWomen Are Causing Problems Again!

Tuesday’s Stickman

Of course, don’t forget you can always access the main Stickman site at

duaneTuesday’s Stickman

Perfect Storm versus Continuous Apathy

There was an article today in the Salt Lake Tribune that points to its poll that indicates 1 in 5 people in the US right now¬†trust the US government. This is at a major low in this country, but what should really be concerning people is the apathy that exists from several perspectives. First, there’s apathy in government towards the … Read More

duanePerfect Storm versus Continuous Apathy