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After the collapse of civilization, military governments fight for control of a fractured world. Sergeant Brian Burke, a team leader of the Coloradans Army directs his soldiers through a mop up of Old Francisco, which has devolved into gang warfare between criminals, rogue police officers and remainders of what’s left of the National Guard. Separated from his unit, Burke is contacted by a mysterious group of survivors who inform him that he is the mystical “Soldier” who is destined to find the Deck Const, a talisman that may reunite the world in peace again.

But someone else is searching for the Deck Const, too, and Burke may have to unite the world, defeating its many armies, just to find it before it’s lost forever.

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The Tales of Reagul is the story of the sorcerer Sarbonn who is chosen by the “gods” to act as their representative and the planet’s protector. During the dawn of the Roman Empire, a segment of the population is transplanted onto another planet as part of an alien sociological experiment. This planet, Reagul, develops a new history as its people slowly begin to realize they will never return home again. Sarbonn, gifted with the science of the aliens (“the gods”), discovers they have been abandoned by the aliens, leaving them to forge their own destiny in a lonely corner of the stars. The first book involves their colonization of this new world, their struggles with survival, greed and the realization that they are not alone. Previous civilizations have been transplanted to this planet before them. And Sarbonn discovers he’s not the first sorcerer, and that the previous ones may not be all that welcoming to the new inhabitants.

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A man murdered…a man framed for the murder with only a short time to prove his innocence before the killer strikes again and strikes at him. A murder mystery set at the highest levels of corporate America where lives are played as a game, where the results are success…or death.

This was Duane’s first novel, published while he was still in the Army. It is available on all types of media, including paper copy (through the original publisher), on Kindle, on Nook, on Kobo and everywhere else books are available online.

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ThompsonsBounty1aLieutenant Stephen Thompson of the Coast Guard cutter Melbourne chases a strange ship into a strange rift in time that brings him and his crew to the 16th century, into the middle of a personal war between an English admiral and a pirate named Captain Stone who was once the admiral’s first officer. Once involved in the middle of a hostile exchange between the two sides, Thompson begins to realize that it is difficult to ascertain the difference between good and bad, between who is right and who is wrong, and more importantly, who to trust and who not to trust. Realizing he must rely on the elusive pirate captain who may hold the key to sending Thompson’s crew back to their own time, Thompson begins to learn the code of what it takes to be a pirate and that morality is not always as easy to understand.
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The Greeks had their Iliad and Odyssey, the Romans had their Aeneid, and the British had their Britannia and those continuously changing King Arthur stories, starring wannabe Shakespearean actors slumming it until something better came along. But America got nothing. Until now. Finally, an epic has emerged, from the lost annals of time (whatever that means…just go with it…it sounds scholarly), that tells the true story of America’s foundation. The Ameriad tells the story of the Trojan warrior Amereaus, who has been chosen by the gods to found a new land somewhere across the Great Sea (capitalized because it’s that great a sea). Running away from his domineering wife Democrita, Amereaus travails the many forgotten lands of yesterday to battle new gods and new evils (because the old ones were boring), leading to a new land previously occupied by other people until Amereaus kicks them out. For the glory of a new land that will one day be called Amereausland (placeholder until a better name comes along). So join Amereaus, his much smarter assistant Lyddius, and a cast of many others (because it’s a novel and just having two characters would have been really boring), including a translator of the epic who really should have never quit his day job but just so happened to be in the right place at the right time to become the greatest translator of all time (Editor’s Note: Please do not let this guy write any more of his own back copy!).
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In the distant future, mankind has finally solved the problems of wealth, poverty and class….Rem Schlock is a new Exterminator tasked with hunting, finding and eliminating elusive Losers, those of society branded as “failures”. During his search, he discovers the rumor of a mysterious “leader” of the Losers. Facing a future darkened by random death, decayed cities and hidden loyalties, Rem hunts this phantom criminal, discovering an underworld he never imagined yet once revealed can never be covered up again.
Available in paperback, and all types of media.
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Glass–The new billion-dollar drug. It’s cheaper than cocaine, more addictive…and it’s got a secret.Admitting the drug trade was out of control and the War on Drugs a complete failure, a covert collaboration between the DEA and the CIA develops a drug that in only five years has completely devastated the illegal drug market.The first half of the mission a success, the plan to eradicate the drug lords and then focus on treatment has gone terribly wrong. All because someone in the agency doesn’t want to relinquish control.Now Daniel Burke is fighting for his life. A double-crossed CIA agent, he’s forced to confront his own people, in addition to an overzealous FBI agent known for always getting her man–and the combined forces of the Colombian drug lords who see Burke as “target number one.”Can Burke evade his own people, escape the FBI and still manage to bring the drug cartels to their knees?
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The mission was well-planned and intricately carried out. They were going to assassinate the Emperor of Earth. Everything went according to plan. Except one thing. 

They failed.Now on the run from the Empire’s elite guard, Eden System Commander Yeager finds himself on an escape trajectory with a young ensign in his care. Little does he know that this ensign, Laura Bontein, is the reason why Eden is at war with the Empire.

Laura may also be the most powerful being in the galaxy.

They escape to Reagul, a planet in its middle ages and somehow responsible for keeping the emperor alive. Here, Laura begins to discover that Reagul has been planning for her arrival for thousands of years.

Little by little, Laura begins to suspect that her own people, the lost outpost of the Zeus Colonies, may have ties to Reagul going back to the Roman Empire. As the rumors and legends begin to mirror the actions of Laura and Yeager, she begins to believe her arrival on Reagul may have more than a solitary purpose.

It may be her destiny.

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Deadly-Deceptions1000-198x300The year is 1987 and the Cold War is still ranging strong. Steve Darwood is a US Army counterintelligence agent in South Korea, working in Tongduchon, a small city close to the North Korean border, located very near the demilitarized zone, when he stumbles across a black-marketing operation that appears to be blackmailing soldiers for various types of information. Investigating further, he begins to uncover a network of criminals who appear to be linked to numerous military personnel.

As Darwood continues to investigate, he begins to come against resistance from his own chain of command and then quickly unravels connections to higher ranking individuals in his own command structure. In very little time, Darwood finds himself alone, working against many of his own people, relying on his extensive network of sources, connections and allies.

His investigation leads him through the heirarchy of his own military command in South Korea, and slowly he begins to realize that the network might go even higher, pushing him into a situation where he must challenge his own people, who hold the reins of his job, his livelihood and even his life.

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DarkpassageTen dark fantasy/fiction short stories by Duane Gundrum, including:

Mapping The Silence of Dreams (a Novella)
Postcards From Hell
The Dead Of Night Hath Fury
You’re Never Alone
Of Historical Significance (a Novella)
Voracious Vicissitudes
Horror Story
Returning To The Flock
Fluffy And The Mystical World Of Dead Burnt Bodies
The Shadow People (a Novella)

Mapping the Silence of Dreams
Harris Palmer is the assistant director of security at a laboratory where scientists have succeeded in making contact with something in the dream sphere, or more specifically, accidentally brought something back. Having touched one of the darker places of the place where people dream, a sinister gunfighter and his sorceress bride have returned to our world, leaving the fate of the world up to a corporate security agent who never really liked his job in the first place.

Postcards From Hell
John Deacon is a con-artist, a thief and a rogue in every sense of the word. He is also known as the only man who has ever escaped from Hell. With Satan hot on his heels, John finds himself courted by a mysterious branch of the Brotherhood who have a simple request for him: Kill Satan and stop running forever.

The Dead of Night Hath Fury
A San Francisco cop has been dirty for so long now that he’s lost all sense of being good. In his years he’s stolen drugs, money and whatever else wasn’t nailed down. After crossing so many lines you shouldn’t ever cross, he’s even killed people who got in his way. And then he meets the right girl, who causes him to clean up his act and begin to atone for his wrongs. But something doesn’t want him on the right side and will do everything in its power to make sure he never succeeds.

You’re Never Alone
Jason Dent has lived a long, yet difficult life. For years, he’s been the last man left on Earth, constantly seeking out any other survivors before accepting there was no one else left. As he nears his own final years of his life, he begins to suspect he’s not as alone as he’s always thought he was. Something else…is out there.

Voracious Vicissitudes
David Park is a special operations officer serving in Vietnam where he is constantly hunting for Charlie. Only the newest member of the platoon begins to suspect that Charlie is neither Viet Cong nor someone named Charlie. It’s something evil, and it may be as old as time itself.

Of Historical Significance
A research graduate student has discovered through historical documents that something evil has been documented throughout history but has constantly been missed by those whose job it is to discover it.

Horror Story
Darren Shuester is the newest member of a squad of light hunters who seek out the evils of those who live in the light and threaten the very existence of those who seek safety in the darkness.

Returning to the Flock
Frederick was bitten by a vampire matriarch and turned, but he has escaped her control and tries to forge a new life for himself, even though the urge to return to her claws at him each and every day. When he attempts to break her spell forever, he begins to understand just how deep the bond exists between them.

Fluffy and the Mystical World of Dead Burnt Bodies
Before the Apocalypse, all Fluffy cared about was Fluffy. After nuclear devastation, all Fluffy still cares about is Fluffy. Having lost her favorite set of brushes, Fluffy sets off on an epic journey across the dystopian landscape in search of a still-functioning fashion mall where she can put her life back to order.

The Shadow People
Every thousand years, a mysterious race of creatures known as the shadow people return to the planet to seek out a new victim. Two police detectives discover themselves coming up against the mystical beings, facing a horror with which they have never dealt before.

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awolcover20 years ago, Military Police Investigator Derek Thompson disappeared while investigating a shadowy criminal conspiracy operating out of San Francisco. After vanishing, he was declared absent without leave, and eventually a deserter….

Never to be heard from again….

Today, his son Mark Thompson, a Criminal Investigation Division agent stationed at Presidio of San Francisco, always believed his father disappeared during the Vietnam War. During a routine investigation, he begins to uncover information about his father and that ancient investigation, revealing a very powerful and dangerous organization that will do anything, and everything, to keep its secrets sealed and hidden.

Mark’s investigation involves a ruthless CIA operative tasked with keeping secrets buried, a Texas family with ties to national government, and an FBI agent and his nemesis who have adopted the personalities of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty in their timeless battle with one another.

Absent Without Leave begins and ends with a pursuit for justice, redemption, and the future of the American way.

Available in all formats. For paperback version, click here.
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