Meet the cast:

Stickman: A two-dimensional character who is single, works at a cellular phone company as a salesman of really, really long extension cords for their phones, and is an expert at making spaghetti. He lives a very normal life, except for some reason he feels the government is sending out ninjas to kill him.

The unemployed lego spaceman: Laid off from the Lego Space Program, he now delivers pizzas for a well known company but can never seem to deliver them in under 31 minutes, meaning he rarely gets tipped.

Bob: A one-dimensional dot who was the start of the known universe. He likes to remind people that he’s somewhat of a big thing.

  1. The Adventure Begins….
  2. One-Dimensional Universe….
  3. The Problem
  4. Artistically Challenged
  5. Expansion
  6. Adventure Continued
  7. Creatures
  8. Muck
  9. Supporting Comrades
  10. Sunday Paper
  11. Color
  12. Friends
  13. Mr. Dog
  14. New Pets
  15. More Pets
duaneThe Adventures of Stickman & the Unemployed Legospaceman