Tales From the WritingTrenches #2: Creating Believable Tension

One of my favorite shows from a few years back is one called Blindspot. It’s a somewhat ridiculous story with a premise that involves a woman with a body full of tattoos who was left unconscious in a body bag in the middle of Times Square. The police turn the woman over to the FBI who quickly discover that the … Read More

duaneTales From the WritingTrenches #2: Creating Believable Tension

Some updates and current projects

Well, the first semester at the new college in Texas is finally coming to a close, and let’s just say that things haven’t been all that great, but at the same time, I’m still here, and hopefully things will start to improve a bit. It’s honestly a struggle to teach at a college/university where students aren’t all that interested in … Read More

duaneSome updates and current projects

Dealing with multiple languages in fiction

I came across one of those little struggles that I didn’t anticipate while writing A Season of Kings. For those who have been following the story line of the first book of the epic, The Tales of Reagul, it involves several villages from Roman times that are transplanted onto the planet Reagul. A part of the story line is that … Read More

duaneDealing with multiple languages in fiction

The Problem of Genre

One of my biggest problems as a writer is that quite often it is very difficult to nail down the genres in which I write. It was easy in the beginning of my career when I wrote Innocent Until Proven Guilty, which was mystery/suspense. But then I started branching out on other types of books and things got, well, kind … Read More

duaneThe Problem of Genre

Now that I’m on my own

The last day of work for me was on Tuesday, and it was one of those days that really didn’t have a lot going on. I came in expecting to be given grunt work to do most of the day, but the senior boss decided that I would have my exit interview at 11:30 AM, and then I was finished … Read More

duaneNow that I’m on my own

On to new projects

Last night, I finished the last touches of The Teddy Bear Conspiracy, and it’s now on sale on Kindle and will be on sale in paperback in the next few days (had one more run through the edit check and had to fix a couple of things before I could let it go one more time). Either way, the book … Read More

duaneOn to new projects

The Countdown to Being Solo Is Around the Corner

I think I mentioned that I decided to quit my job a few weeks ago. I put in my notice, and I have a little over two weeks left. A couple of days, I almost quit on the same day I was working, but I’ve perservered, and my last date of work will be December 24th, Christmas Eve. There’s no … Read More

duaneThe Countdown to Being Solo Is Around the Corner

Why I Never Quit Writing

There’s an interesting post from Konrath’s site, in which he explains why he never quit writing. Basically, years ago, he was making about 25k a year from writing and felt it wasn’t enough, and now he’s making a ton of money from writing, but felt that if you can’t hack the writing challenges, you might be better off just quitting. … Read More

duaneWhy I Never Quit Writing

The Teddy Bear Conspiracy giveaway and other little news….

My novel, The Teddy Bear Conspiracy, which is going to be released in December, is available for free as a contest giveaway on Goodreads. To enter, go here.           Destiny, my science fiction/fantasy novel, which takes place mostly on the planet Reagul (which might be recognized from the upcoming series The Tales of Reagul, which will … Read More

duaneThe Teddy Bear Conspiracy giveaway and other little news….